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Seema Dental College and Hospital has become a National brand not only due to professionalism but also due to its location and infrastructure. Situated on the banks of River Ganges in splendor lush green country side with elegant buildings, well furnished, fully equipped with latest modern equipments and thoroughly professional faculty, is an ideal serene for developing young minds.

The college and Hospital is rated amongst the highest echelons for its contribution in the field of Dental study. The Institute is fully committed to produce world class professional Doctors who are groomed by the most learned experienced faculty members.

I wish the students & faculty Members my Best Wishes and Look forward for a bright & prosperous future to their endeavors.

With warm regards.

Sanjiv SharmaPMG

My experience with the college has been very good right from the very beginning. I had already admitted my daughter to another college in Karnataka when I came across an advertisement in a newspaper about a new dental college in Rishikesh. The advertisement was quite impressive and compelled me to visit the college at once. And I must say, the college was as impressive as the advertisement claimed it was. I was impressed by the infrastructure, the lecture halls, the hostels, the laboratories, facilities for students etc.

My daughter, Sonam used to share her experiences at the college on regular basis with me and was very happy that we chose Seema Dental college for her studies. We found that the college staff was very professional and committed to their work and ensured that each student was taken care of. As told by my daughter, the faculty was among the best in the region.

The environment was very student friendly. The administration was sensitive to the student's problems. The food was good. The emergency healthcare was efficient. Special care was taken for the overall development of the students, right from sports to cultural activities.

Another commendable thing was the number of patients the students attended to. This made them learn the clinical aspects of dentistry really well. The students attended many conferences as well which kept them in sync with the developments in dentistry and gave them an opportunity to share the platform with experts of their field.

Conclusively I would say that my daughter emerged from the college as a more confident and a well rounded personality. I have recommended this college to many of my colleagues / friends and would recommend this college to other parents in future as well.


Vasudev PapnejaState Head ( Punjab, HP and J&K) - Reliance Industries ( Petroleum Business)

My first day at Seema Dental college and Hospital was nothing less than a bliss. Situated amidst the surreal landscape, this place feels truly sacred. On the day of admission, every staff was so welcoming and warm hearted that even the most complicated and challenging formalities were done away with so much ease. The college authorities were very helpful and not for a moment did I feel I was no more in school

After admission came the hostel life which is by far truly the best experience of my life. Our seniors are so welcoming and caring that they guided us and treated us like our elders . And to those people who think hostel means, ragging.... SORRY!! There is no word in existence at least in SDCH. The infrastructure, facilities are superb. Our seniors did not let us feel that we are away from home.

Monday, 17th September our first lecture was historic. Teachers with their utmost skill and care bridged us and explained us the difference between school and a professional college. Our classes for the first day proceeded with friendly manner, where all the teachers introduction and we were highly elated to be in the safe hands of such great teachers. Our environment is not that of an intimidating professional approach but a friendly organised way of education and that's why I feel lucky to be a part of this college.

SIMRANJEET SINGH NRI Student, 1st year
"The availability of a world class infrastructure along in the presence of a dedicated teaching faculty makes it all the more conducive for the students to realize their true potential, and finally establish themselves in life."
DR. ANANT JYOTI Passed BDS Batch-2005
"The institution is lead by a team of world class highly qualified experienced doctors, who through their dedicated efforts uphold the integrity of the college."
DR. SALONI KUMAR PG student of Oral Medicine & Radiology

The day I stepped into Seema Dental College for my admission with my parents, I was pleasantly surprised to see the beautiful location of this college, greenery all around, well-maintained lawns

and an excellent infrastucture. And when I saw the students of the college all moving around smartly dressed in aprons and already looking like doctors, I could not just wait to be a part of college.

Once I joined the college I loved it even more. Life became so busy with attending lectures and practicals,studies, Interacting with seniors and batchmates that i actually did miss my parents at all.

The food too was unexpectedly delicious, so there was no point in missing my mom’s home cooked food.

The first day of our lectures turned out to be a very inspirational one.all the teachers taught us about the importance of their subjects in dentistry and boosted to start working hard from the beginning itself in order to come out with flying colors at the end of the year and abecome a successful doctor

and a good human being.even their teaching methods are so expressive that we had no problem in grasping the concepts

When my parents visited me after one week of my joining they were satisfied and relaxed to see me all mixed up with my batchmates and seniors and knowing that the faculty is so understanding and

cooperative Since BDS has been my first choice i now think i couldn’t have found a better place than this to spread my wings and develop my overall personality.

Anukriti Dimri StudentBDS Student

Excellent hostel facilities & the amazing food provided by the college mess are note worthy. The college has huge clinical OPD for a better clinical exposure.


"Excellent learning atmosphere under the expert guidance of committed faculty. The sky scraping building with lush green freshly grown grass, ambience overpowered with the fragrance of red roses. One might become baffled by the image created; this is what Seema Dental College & Hospital is like."

DR. PURNIMA GARG Topper of 2006 batchTopper of BDS 2006 batch

In 2007 when I became a part of this institution ‘Seema Dental College and Hospital’ the apprehension about the college certainly thrilled me. Since then this institution has been a ‘new world’ for me, a world full of teaching and enriched preaching. As time moved on all my apprehensions lined away and this college helped me out to evolve with a dynamic personality. In passing 5 years I’ve not only seen myself growing but this college has also grown along. This process has never been static, the revolution for the best shall always continue. Acquaintance with the latest updates in dentistry and finest lab procedures were only possible through this college. The campus and this location ‘Rishikesh’ a place which epitomizes peace and beauty has made my experience all the more everlasting. Passing long days and short years here, has not only enlightened me but has also chiseled out the finest dentist in me for this competitive world.

Dr Naina Singh Intern 2007 Batch

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